Antenna and EM Measurements

Comprehensive facilities providing RF and EM measurement and diagnostic services for defence, commercial and academic customers.
Air craft antenna being tested in BAE Systems near field test facility in Great Baddow
With an ever increasing number of systems operating in the Radio Frequency (RF) segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, the issues of electromagnetic interference and compatibility are becoming of paramount importance in the design, development and operation of electronic systems.
AI Labs offer a number of unique Radio Frequency, micro, and millimetre wave test and measurement facilities providing comprehensive measurement and diagnostic services. 

Our facilities consist of:

  • Near Field Test Facility (NFTF) suited to characterising antenna performance;
  • Emerson & Cuming General Purpose Tapered Anechoic Chamber suitable for smaller devices;
  • Outside Far-Field Test Range with a range distance up to 160m;
  • Millimetric Far-Field Antenna Test or Radar Cross Section (RCS) range;
  • A selection of RF. and microwave materials characterisation equipment and software;
  • Dedicated EMC measurement apparatus (radiated emissions and susceptibility);
  • Vector Network Analysers and Associated RF Test Equipment;
  • High Power Microwave sources and detectors for RADHAZ/EMC susceptibility testing in C and X-band;
  • Calibrated equipment for the characterisation of power flux densities and field strengths in free-space for RADHAZ evaluation.


Our services are:

  • Antenna measurement and characterisation using far-field, spherical near-field and cylindrical near-field techniques over the range 150MHz to 110GHz;
  • RCS measurements and resultant processing of data to obtain range profiles or high resolution ISAR imagery of devices under test;
  • RadHaz surveys of equipment on site and at remote locations;
  • EMC measurement to radiated emissions and susceptibility testing to BS:EN, CISPR and associated standards;
  • Microwave materials characterisation as reflection and transmission losses, complex permittivity and permeability or normalised lumped admittance for electrically thin substrates, using a range of industry standard techniques;
  • RF Bench Measurements to derive a range of parameters for components, sub-assemblies or complete systems;
  • Radome characterisation using a far-field range;

The above facilities and services are operated by our highly skilled team of engineers and scientists who have many years’ experience of RF design, test and measurement who can advise on the best way to address your requirement.