Combat Vehicle Integration

Our combat vehicle capabilities
Our Combat Vehicle Integration capability tailors off-the-shelf military vehicles into an integrated part of your force.

Our capabilities range from adding communications equipment, through to blue-force tracking, threat detection and ‘see-through’ armour systems.

A modern, flexible Electronic Architecture

To integrate new mission systems, we use a modern, flexible Electronic Architecture compliant with Defence Standard 23-09 and NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture, reducing platform integration time and minimising programme risks.
Our scalable solution supports simple wheeled vehicles through to complex turreted platforms.
The approach allows customers to start with a simple vehicle and then to add to it as needed.  A baseline variant could comprise a remote weapon station, local Situational Awareness (SA), communications suite and display systems for crews and dismounted personnel.
This baseline solution could then evolve, with next-generation technologies
providing customers with more sophisticated capabilities, including 360-degree SA; see through-armour displays; and integrated blue force tracking and threat detection technology.

Evolving to accomodate changing threats

The challenge is to provide the user with the capability they need through an affordable programme, evolving over time to accommodate changing threats and developments in technology.
It needs to complement the increasing importance and quantity of detailed information on the battlefield, and the increased threat from cyber.

Soldier Systems 

The solution has to include soldiers as part of the system. We take pride in equipping solders for their missions, so we make sure everything we do is simple to use and helps the mission.
We start with the effect our customer wants to achieve, then work backwards to tailor the system in order to deliver it.

Looking to the future

BAE Systems aims to be in a position to announce a series of partners for its future integration efforts in the next 12-18 months with initial efforts concentrating on specialist mission sets, including the integration of unmanned systems technology on board ground vehicles, such as laser directed energy weapons.