Details of the placement request


This is where you select the type of work experience offering you are interested in

  • All the Business Units that offer work experience are listed on the drop down option and you should select one Business Unit only
  • Once you have made your selection, an overview of the services provided by the Business Unit will be displayed with details and dates of the work experience offering
  • The overview will detail the site postal address / overview of the activity on site / details of the placement and available dates
  • Please ensure that you are able to travel, on a daily basis, to the site that you are interested in. (BAE Systems are not responsible for travel or any accommodation costs incurred during a placement)
  • Please note that work experience offerings are on specific dates and so it is recommended that you carefully read through the overview
  • Click here for more information on our Business Units, products and service

Details of the person requiring the placement


This section must be completed by the participant who is requesting a work experience offering (or the request may be rejected during the selection process)

  • Due to the nature of our business, many of our sites can only consider requests from UK Nationals, so it is important that this section is accurately completed
  • Enter the full postcode of your school / college / academy / agency. Educational establishments in that postcode area will be listed. Please ensure that you choose the correct one
  • Year Group - Please enter the Year group that the person will be in at the time of the requested start date of the placement (if applicable). Only select Not Applicable if the person requiring the placement is no longer in education
  • As Health & Safety and Safeguarding are of utmost importance to us, we ask that you let us know an emergency contact, should it be required
  • In the Personal Statement section, please answer all the questions, entering as much detail as possible, as this information is used during the selection process (There is a 800 character limit including spaces per question).
  • In the Area of Interest Section, please indicate if you have a business area preference (one or more options can be ticked)

Submission of placement request


This is where the placement request is submitted

  • Please read through the photography and filming statements. You only need to tick if you do not authorise
  • Please ensure that all declaration statements are ticked
  • And finally, click on the submit button and you will receive an on screen confirmation that the request has been submitted
  • An automated email will also be sent to the participant school/college email address you entered in Section 2. Please check your spam or junk folders as the email may go directly into one of these
  • After submission of the on-line form, the details will be sent to the relevant site contact for review and an update will be provided to the person who submitted the request

Photography and filming:

Photographs and film footage may be taken during the event. We would be grateful if you would read the terms below for photography & film footage.

  • I authorise photographs and film footage of the participant to be taken during the event.
  • I authorise this material to be shown in promotional material by BAE Systems in conjunction with the event and any future promotion of the event.
  • In rare circumstances BAE Systems share images with trusted third parties and I authorise for this to happen.

Declaration statements:

GDPR statement:

BAE Systems will collect and process information about you that may be subject to data protection laws. For more information about how we use and disclose your personal information, how we protect your information, our legal basis to use your information, your rights and who you can contact, please refer to the relevant sections of our Privacy Notice at

Once you have completed all the required fields, click on the Submit button.

You will receive an automated email confirming the submission.