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Our Air Sector has a proud community of employees working front and centre with our UK Customers. These teams are proud to support those on the frontline. With every employee recognising the part they play in safeguarding national defence and security.
At the heart of our business is our people and communities, therefore they are key in enhancing our outstanding legacy of exceptional performance to help our business remain at the forefront of support that not only help our business remain at the forefront of fast jet support but proudly support national defence.
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Typhoons at RAF Coningsby

RAF Coningsby & RAF Lossiemouth

Both operating as RAF Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) Stations which protect UK airspace 24/7/365.
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Image of members of Lightning Team UK inside RAF Marham hangar

RAF Marham

Home of the UK’s Lightning Force, RAF Marham is made up of a whole force team of experts working to ensure F35 remains operational.
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Image of two pilots being strapped in to Hawk aircraft at RAF Valley

RAF Valley

From fast jet flying and mountain rescue training RAF Valley is now one of the RAF’s principal military training airfields and is a major employer in Wales.
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