What it's like
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Jason and Helen explain why they love working in Munitions.
Jason – Programme Manager for COMAH High Hazards, Glascoed
Glascoed has been described by the regulator as the most complex upper tier COMAH site in the UK, so if you want a role that proves you’re a leader in the Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) discipline, this is it.
We’re working with a wide range of processes, ranging from decades old to introducing new explosives technology, so we need to constantly demonstrate that all risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable.
In order for us to maintain our licence to trade we need to apply a wide range of safety toolsets at every step of a process, including the equipment required, the correct maintenance regimes and the materials we’ll be using. Every day is different and the variety of challenges keeps you interested.
It’s our team that makes sure everyone here has a safe working environment. It’s a responsible job, and a satisfying one.
Helen – SHE High Hazard Advisor, Human Factors, Radway Green
My job is all about interaction. You have to learn about how people use the tools and processes in their job, so you need to be a good communicator with all levels. You can’t do this at a desk so you need to spend time getting your hands dirty, talking to the people who make our products and getting stuck in yourself. That’s what keeps it fun – you spend a lot more time with people than spreadsheets!
We need to make sure that employees stay safe while they handle the hazardous materials used in making munitions, so you’ve got to be responsible and committed. That’s also what makes it worthwhile though, as you go home every day knowing you’ve made a difference.
By making our processes safer and reducing the chance of human error, we’re also making sure that soldiers – our end users – are getting a high quality product that does what it says on the tin. Our work also makes processes more efficient, so it means that the taxpayer is getting a better deal; I’m very happy knowing that our team provides a win-win-win.
I used to work for the Health and Safety Executive as an inspector, where I sometimes took part in fatality investigations. It’s a sobering reminder of what can happen if things go badly wrong, but it also provides a strong motivation for those of us in SHE to do our jobs to the best of our ability. Seeing people go home safely is the best reward you could ask for – it’s certainly not just a tick-box exercise.

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