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Please watch the videos and read the employee testimonials below to find out what it's like to work in our team


Position: Project Technical Lead
First joined BAE Systems: September 2007
Image of Tom I started working at BAE Systems just over 10 years ago as a Graduate Development Framework entrant and am now the Project Technical Lead on a Digital Light Engine Head-up Display (HUD). In my current role I am responsible for leading a team of up to 50 engineers on a multimillion pound programme developing a digital solution for a military HUD. This involves managing a range of engineering disciplines, from Mechanical Design to Software, and providing the technical interface to the customer. The role comes with significant responsibilities that make my day-to-day work both challenging and rewarding.
During my time at BAE Systems in Rochester I have been able to work across several different technology sectors on vastly different products, such as the series hybrid solution for buses being operated in London and cutting-edge Helmet-mounted Displays. My work has given me the opportunity to travel and work across several continents and experience different working cultures. The variety and breadth of products and services provided by BAE Systems means that there are always great opportunities to develop your career and gain new skills and competencies.
The company offers a wide range of employee incentives and wellness events which create a fun and inclusive community atmosphere. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my career at BAE Systems and highly recommend working in Rochester.



Position: Systems Engineer
First joined BAE Systems: August 2017
Image of Amy I was two months away from finishing a two year graduate scheme with another defence company when I received my job offer from BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems business, in Rochester. I had moved straight into the industry after completing a master’s degree in physics at Southampton in 2015, and I was already feeling unchallenged and bored in my job. I moved to Rochester in August 2017, and started work as a systems engineer on a number of research projects; head-worn augmented reality displays, distributed sensing networks (working with UAVs and drones), and an exciting new displays project for a non-military application, for a brief time, during its concept phase.
What I have loved about working in BAE Systems so far is the pace of the work, and the autonomy I am granted. It is very refreshing to be given responsibility for an aspect (or aspects) of a project, given space to work on it and then to be recognised when the work you have done contributes positively to a project output, such as a deliverable, a demonstration or a milestone. This freedom has really encouraged me to take professional pride in my work, and it allows me to clearly see how what I am doing and producing on a day to day basis contributes to the large projects I am working on.
On a more personal note, my project managers, line managers and functional managers have all been fantastic in helping me settle into the company and start to make decisions on where I see my career moving in the future. They have helped me understand what avenues and career paths are available to me in the near future, what I need to do to start moving towards those and how they are going to help me do so. It is a fantastically supportive environment, and I am incredibly glad I made the move to BAE Systems!



Position: Principal Hardware Engineer
First joined BAE Systems: June 2009
Image of Steve During my university degree, I was fortunate to gain an Industrial Placement at BAE Systems in Rochester, leading to me starting my career on the Graduate Scheme in June 2009. During this time I have enjoyed working across a number of projects and product ranges including; active inceptors, helmet-mounted displays and head-up displays. In this time I have been responsible for several module designs and contributed to critical system level design decisions and architecture definitions. I have been fully supported in my progression from a Graduate Engineer to a Principal Engineer including gaining Chartered Engineer status with the Institution of Engineering & Technology.
I have appreciated working in all aspects of the hardware design life cycle during my time in Rochester; from requirements, concept design, and detailed schematic capture, to analysis, testing and qualification of products. Working for BAE Systems has enabled me to work on varying projects and designs, ensuring that I have exposure to new technologies, and provided exciting new challenges in my professional development. This includes having the opportunity to work with talented engineers across all engineering functions, and has allowed me to not only become a mentor to junior engineers, but being mentored to support my personal progression and development within the company.
Working at BAE Systems has provided many interesting and exciting experiences. One highlight has included attending and showcasing our latest display product technologies at the IDEX International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. As well as great career opportunities, there is a real sense of community within the company, which is reinforced with numerous social events organised as part of the Wellness Scheme. Beyond the day-to-day work, BAE Systems has given me the chance to get involved in several charity events and challenges. Personally, this has included the annual London to Brighton bike ride, and volunteering at the Farnborough International Air Show.