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Position: System Technical Authority
Time at BAE Systems: 9 years
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I joined the Graduate Scheme in July 2009 as a Systems Engineer having completed a Masters degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering.  I found out about BAE Systems after they sponsored my Masters project into low cost autonomous vehicles and decided to apply based on the variety of engineering projects that were available. My role was to work with the deputy System Technical Authority of a large communications project based in Christchurch within the Defence Information business. There was a steep learning curve associated with moving outside of the aerospace domain into a communications and security focused project, however the business provided the support I needed and I was able to get involved in a breadth of Systems Engineering early on in my career.
Since leaving the Graduate Scheme, I have been given the opportunity to rapidly progress my career through the roles I have undertaken which include leading the Research and Development team within the project, designing a new early entry version of the system and now leading all technical aspects of the project as the System Technical Authority.  I enjoy coming to work knowing there is a new problem to solve, that there will be great people to work alongside, and being able to interact with the military users to see that what we are doing is making a difference.
Working at BAE Systems has provided me with a raft of exciting experiences, from supporting export opportunities of our products in Dubai to competing in the Junior Leader Field Gun. There are also chances to get involved with Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) events across the country to encourage the next generation into a rewarding career. BAE Systems has played a big part in my success by believing in the capabilities of its people and being willing to take calculated risks.  There is a real supportive family feeling to working at Christchurch and it is made even better by having the New Forest and golden sandy beaches on the doorstep. I would highly recommend working at both BAE Systems and Christchurch as a location.


Position: Engineering Manager
Time at BAE Systems: 11 years
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I started my career at BAE Systems as an undergraduate Industrial Placement student, before returning on the Graduate Development Scheme in 2009.  My roles both during the Early Careers programmes and since have given me opportunities to put into practice the learning gained on the System Engineering course at Loughborough University.  As a Systems Engineer, and now an Engineering Manager, I’ve been lucky enough to work on a wide-range of projects including Human Factors assessments of Unmanned Air Vehicle ground stations, technical problem solving on a military communications system, visualisation and operational testing of fast-jet maintenance and logistics software and architectural design and specification of future Mission Systems.
Working for a large and diverse company like BAE Systems has enabled me to undertake varied roles covering different engineering domains and parts of the engineering lifecycle; I’ve also worked with a wealth of different customers and stakeholders.  In addition to the technical opportunities, I have undertaken non-technical responsibilities such as project management and business development - I consider this essential to becoming a well-rounded Engineer.
My current role is leading a team of around 30 engineers, based across four UK locations.  The project is revolutionising future defence software, both in its scope and architectural approach but also by adopting a Model-Based Systems Engineering methodology.  I consider myself very fortunate to be contributing to a concept that is right on the cutting edge of technology and work with a group of exceptionally talented people.
I’d recommend working for BAE Systems to anyone looking for a varied and exciting career.  In my experience, the company is committed to being a great place to work, and supports its employees’ professional and personal ambitions.


Position: Systems Engineer - Architecture
Time at BAE Systems: 4 years
Image of a BAE Systems employee
I started my career at BAE Systems as a Graduate Systems Engineer on the Graduate Development Framework only a few years ago.
When I finished university, I wanted to have a career where I could work on complex engineering problems. Over the last few years, I’ve had a chance to do exactly that, while working alongside some really talented individuals. I’ve worked in a number of interesting areas, including, unmanned autonomous systems, enterprise information systems, system of systems, battlespace architecture etc. While working in BAE Systems, I’ve had the opportunity to see complex engineering projects from different perspectives. I’ve done this by working in different phases of the engineering lifecycle, working in technical and non-technical roles (like Project Management) and sometimes working both as an internal customer and as a supplier.
In my current role, I’m sitting in a completely new country and new culture, leading a team of four engineers to develop aspects of a Fifth Generation Air System.
For me, all of the above has been enabled by the opportunities, support and mentoring that was available to me. I’d recommend working for BAE Systems to anyone looking for an exciting career in engineering. In my experience, I’ve found BAE Systems a great place to work and fulfil my personal and professional career aspirations.


Position: Programming Engineering Manager
Time at BAE Systems: 21 years
Image of a BAE Systems employee
When I completed my Maths & Computing degree at Bath University, I joined BAE Systems as a Junior Software Engineer in Yeovil. My first project was to help a large team develop Maintenance Management Systems for the C-130J aircraft, and then follow on systems for the Merlin and Apache Helicoptors. These systems allowed maintainers to see what ‘MoT’ type activities needed to take place to correct any faults or keep the aircraft serviceable, and to record the work they performed. The opportunity came to work in a completely different area, and I moved to be a team leader on a project producing Tactical Data Links for the Wedgetail aircraft, enabling it to send secure messages to other friendly platforms allowing them to have a full situational awareness of potential enemy platforms in the area.
Using my knowledge and experience in software, I became more involved in the business running and business winning activities. This gave me opportunities to grow in both my work and personal life by allowing me to travel the world to help on a wide range of projects and to look to expand the value we add to our customers. Knowing what is important to our customers allowed me to transition into the Programme Technical Manager role, ultimately responsible for the design and sign-off of the products we produce. I am now the Programme Technical Manager, responsible for about 200 Engineers across a range of disciplines, although mainly software. I need to ensure that we produce our products to specification, innovate new product and service offerings, and do all of that as efficiently as possible to deliver maximum value.
Since starting at BAE Systems, a lot has changed in my career, in what we do, and how we do it. We no longer just store maintainer data - we are now providing advanced predictive analytics and machine learning to ensure all maintenance tasks are optimised and faults are predicted in time to inform the supply chain. We have patented software to securely send text messages from mobile phones to in flight aircraft without needing to change anything on the aircraft. We are designing the next generation of mission systems for unmanned platforms. Add to that investigating augmented reality mission planners, virtual reality maintenance trainers, distributed aircraft simulators - I can see that the next few years are going to be as varied and full of opportunities as the last 21!


Position: ERDM Engineering Lead and Customer Liaison
Time at BAE Systems: 2 years
Image of a BAE Systems employee I started work at BAE Systems as an Undergraduate Software Engineer at BAE Systems Hillend, Scotland. My year-long placement was extended out to 15 months and I was invited to start on the Graduate Scheme in 2016. In my current role I’m embedded within a customer team and responsible for the design of a bespoke software solution to improve Eurofighter Typhoon Reference Data Management. I lead and maintain the requirements and design of the software in addition to acting as the point of contact for the customer and other stakeholders.

I have really enjoyed the work I’ve done across the entirety of the software lifecycle whether it be designing and building a new module from scratch for the SCEPTRE Mission Planning software as an undergraduate or visiting RAF Coningsby to review customer requirements. By working for BAE Systems I’ve been challenged to gain new skills in planning, stakeholder management and testing amongst others that have been a massive boon for my professional development. I feel I’ve grown more professionally in the past 6 months than ever before. The opportunity to learn from so many brilliant colleagues, to experience and benefit from their knowledge and different perspectives is one of the best parts of the job. Whether the person works for the RAF, IM&T (DI) or another part of Air Sector, people when I’ve approached them have always been willing and committed towards finding solutions and sharing knowledge and best practice. I love that part of my work, meeting and working with new people is such a great part of the job.

On a pragmatic note, none of this would have been possible without the support of my line, project and functional managers who have been superb. They’ve pushed me to take on new challenges and supported me throughout. I love participating in STEM events and they’ve given me the time and resources to engage with the wider community on behalf of the company. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity I was given to participate in the interview stage for the next round of graduates, which was an absolutely fascinating process, especially considering it wasn’t that long ago I had sat on the opposite side of the table. The company and the people are brilliant and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both my time and my work with BAE Systems and eagerly look forward to the future.


Position: Software Engineer
Time at BAE Systems: 2 years
Image of a BAE Systems employee
After completing two years of my university degree I came to BAE Systems for an Industrial Placement Year, which led to me returning to the company on the Graduate Development Framework at Yeovil after I had graduated. This was a two year scheme which offered support and training alongside day-to-day work, as well as the flexibility to move around the company to further employee development.
During my time at BAE Systems I have been fortunate enough to work on a variety of software projects including Fast Jet Training Simulation, Data Management for Aircraft Support, Low-Level Flight Booking and Mission Planning. As a Software Engineer, this has got me involved in all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle to give me the opportunity to decide whether to further my career in either a specific or more generic role.
Each project has always presented its own unique challenges but the support from colleagues and management has been fantastic; there has always been someone willing to lend their time which has made it an excellent workplace environment. The working time is flexible and there is great support and encouragement to maintain a good work-life balance. There is a wealth of opportunities available to work on new and exciting technology within an ever-developing industry, making BAE Systems a fascinating company within which to build a career.