Our people

Integrated Combat Systems
How you apply yourself to your work and the behaviours you adopt are as important to us as your engineering capability. Collaboration and the ability to work across teams is key and we welcome people with diverse views, who are comfortable challenging the status quo. Our engineers come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, united by a passion for finding technology-led solutions.


Mark, Head of Engineering

Image of employee As the Head of Engineering for Submarines Integrated Combat Systems, I am responsible for the engineering activities that ensure our systems and products on submarines help the Royal Navy to perform their jobs properly at sea and maintain our defence and national security.
We have a number of interesting opportunities in our project teams to support the submarines currently in the Royal Navy fleet, contribute to the ongoing delivery of new submarines, and also look forward to future designs. We are continually looking for ways to improve our products and to understand how we can introduce exciting innovations and new technologies in a safe and secure way to meet the demands of the environment that they will be required to operate in.
We're looking for people with experience in the military, defence and maritime industries, who can use their knowledge and learning to help us ensure that we provide the best products into submarines. We are also keen to work with people from other industries, technical fields and working environments who can bring innovative and fresh thinking and work collaboratively to help contribute to the exciting and important work that we do.

Hazel, Senior Engineering Manager

Image of Hazel Having served as a Weapon Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy, I joined BAE Systems where I could use both my operational and technical experience to help the next generation of military users.

The wide variety of opportunities offered in BAE Systems means that I have been able to work in both Project Management and Engineering at many stages of those project lifecycles. It is really rewarding to see the practical outcomes of the hard work and effort of teams that I have been part of and I have been able to contribute to products, support and services for each of the UK armed forces and other allies and nations.

Nat, Engineering Manager for Above Water Systems

Image of Nat I started working at BAE Systems as a Systems Engineering summer intern before my final year of University. I then joined the Engineering Graduate Development Framework at BAE Systems Submarines.
Throughout my time within BAE Systems I have had the opportunity to experience a range of roles in Submarines Integrated Combat Systems and across the wider business, with my highlight being responsible for the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth upon her entry to HMNB Portsmouth. These experiences led me to achieving IEng status prior to finishing the Graduate Scheme, as well as being awarded the Nuclear Industry Engineering Graduate of the Year 2018.
Following completion of the Graduate Scheme, I entered Integrated Combat Systems as a Systems Engineer, with a vision to focus on the Engineering Management route – I have now progressed to Engineering Manager for the Above Water Surveillance Systems for both Astute and Dreadnought Class submarines.
Working within Integrated Combat Systems has provided me with a variety of on-the-job experience, opportunity and training to progress quickly whilst having the flexibility and support to develop at my own pace. Integrated Combat Systems Engineering has a strong focus on developing engineers through to achieving CEng, an accolade I hope to achieve in the near future.
Looking forward, I'd like to keep building upon the experience I've gained in my career and progress as an Engineering Manager within BAE Systems, ultimately rising up through the wider BAE Systems organisation and experience different products.

Dan, Systems Engineer for Under Water Systems

Image of Dan After completing the Higher Apprentice scheme at BAE Systems, I was offered a Systems Engineering role in the Under Water Systems (UWS) team. I have been exposed to a range of areas which has allowed me to gain better recognition for the work we do and products we provide for those that keep us safe.
In the time I have been working with UWS, I have been able to rapidly develop my skills by using methods such as Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to develop the Combat System model, which is being used to describe how we fulfil our customer requirements and conduct gap analysis. It is rewarding to create functional models to interpret what our customer wants and help them understand their capability so that we can continue to produce a world class Combat System on our next generation of submarines.
Even though I am in the System Design team, I often get the opportunity to work with other parts of the Combat System, allowing me to gain an appreciation of the links between UWS and the other products to produce a better integrated Combat System.
As part of enhancing my development, BAE Systems is supporting me to become a chartered engineer. I have been given a flexible timetable which allows me to dedicate time to my degree as well as meet deadlines in my role. Once I complete my degree I am looking to further my education by completing a masters, which will also be funded by BAE Systems. This will develop my understanding and help me progress my career.

Joshua, Senior Software Engineer

Image of Joshua I work in a software management role in submarines. My role includes providing best practice to the business for all aspects of the software development lifecycle, as well as ensuring that standards have been applied to all software present within the combat system. In addition, I provide guidance and support to projects that require subject matter expertise in the software domain.
BAE Systems provides an environment where there are complex technical problems to solve and the solutions deliver real value to the customer. 
BAE Systems provides all engineers with a number of different opportunities, providing breadth and depth of knowledge for engineers. The work is rewarding as our products make a vital difference to the security of the nation.