Laura started as an apprentice, looking at electronics roles.
‘I was attracted to BAE Systems as an employer as I wanted to work in electronics, and I wanted an apprenticeship rather than going to uni. I lived in Cardiff, and BAE Systems came up as the top candidate for the electronics apprenticeship course, so I applied, had an interview in Rochester, and a few weeks later, was told I got the job. I upped and moved four months later, and by hook or crook, I was determined to succeed.
I was fortunate to get The Horizon Bursary which supports apprentices showing promise in their field, which opened a lot of doors for networking outside of BAE Systems with other engineering firms with other disciplines and helped me with finances. I am still in touch with my donor.
Engineering is such a broad term, and my apprenticeship helped me realise what I thought I originally wanted to do wasn't what I actually liked. My apprenticeship lasted three years, and I ended up in test systems, where we designed test solutions before the product's final release. I then applied for my technician role instead of being an apprentice. I am now four years post apprenticeship and have just been promoted to an engineer from a technician, all from on-the-job learning. I was unsure of my technical ability when I first came into engineering, but because of the support and having all the tools there for you to succeed, I have grown technically and professionally too. Working at BAE Systems has allowed me to develop more confidence in my ability. It has given me the drive, resilience and passion to drive forward and get where I need to be.
I feel like I’ve really settled. I have stayed with BAE Systems, having ended up in a department where the culture was just really inclusive and caring, and they have helped push me in the right direction and give me everything I need to succeed. The work is varied, and you get to try different things. I have only worked on one project since starting, but I have been able to go to Barrow for four months and work as a cross-site initiative, to create better outcomes for the bigger picture. I was able to try different departments throughout my apprenticeship, so I got to decide the kind of area to move forward with, having had a ‘try before you buy’ experience.
I think it's essentially the culture that's kept me here. I've got a lot of military ties through my family. If I could help as an engineer to keep people safe when they do these jobs, that's how I justify it.
I have been made to feel like I can bring my whole self, and realise that I actually deserve to be where I am. My motto is always, just go for it. If it's something you're interested in, then just do it.’

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