Laura is the IM&T Director in Portsmouth.
‘I was previously in the British Army, so I knew about BAE Systems and saw them as making the end products I’d worked on in service. BAE Systems have been on my radar since I was young.
Many ex-service personnel want a complete change. I left the armed forces and worked in retail for a couple of years, but quickly realised I missed what I did in my service years. So, I have been back in defence for the last six years now.
I really love it, the determination of the people I work with, the ethics and commitment, which as ex-service personnel, I don’t think people in the services necessarily realise. The people are driven to do the right thing for the Forces – that keeps me here.
In my last role, I looked after integrating the brains of the boat and the platform management system. It has both project management and technology sides and I bring it all together with my team. My team and I test all the different lots of equipment before it goes in. As a project manager, I can get the funding and convince people of the requirement and need. My role is really challenging, and some days I still have to pinch myself to realise that.
I am really proud to have had an impact on a project in my early days in the business in Submarines Combat Systems, which was a new concept for a new bit of equipment, and I joined the team as a project manager. It was pretty amazing to see the design and build and to see how it worked on the Dreadnought class of boat.
The opportunity to do different jobs in the same organisation makes me stay too. The people are such a team, and the collaboration appeals to me. We work together for a common purpose. I have been supported and guided so much, and I hope I can pass that on by mentoring and supporting others. BAE Systems are one of the organisations where whatever you put in; you get back from it. Once you make the leap, you have a really good time.
I am part of the gender and diversity network, and we are now much more able to think about neurodiversity, be more comfortable about different backgrounds, and listen to each other more actively. BAE Systems have helped support me with many development courses, a quality leadership programme and coaching and mentoring conversations. Since joining BAE Systems, I think I realised the kind of dynamic team culture that everyone contributes to is infectious and gets under your skin. It’s a good feeling.
I am now able to do hybrid working, which as a parent, is now easier than it was even two years ago. I would recommend BAE Systems, especially for ex-military. If you were passionate about the job you did, you will still find you get to contribute to it. BAE System’s culture is collaborative, inclusive and determined, so anyone considering it should go for it.’

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