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At BAE Systems we celebrate the different experiences and ideas that a diverse workforce can bring. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference and have thier voice heard. Some of our people share how thier careers have made a difference in their own words.
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I spent 2 years at Cardinal Newman College, studying A Levels in Business Economics and Accounting in year one and a Level 3 BTEC in Business in year two.
It’s great to get your foot in the door of a global company at a young age, where there are lots of opportunities. BAE Systems is renowned for its early career schemes, with a competitive salary, and a reputation for treating its employees very well.
I felt I settled in quickly considering this was my first job with a large company. Within a month I started working in my first placement and I knew I had made a good decision. 
The only common thing within my week is clocking on and clocking off at the start and end of a day. The rest of my role is very varied and each day usually brings a different challenge. Days aren’t repetitive so it’s always easy to look forward to work.
A typical day is spent ensuring delivery is on track which can only be achieved through transparent communication with the suppliers I deal with. If any problems arise I use the correct escalation route to resolve the situation as soon as possible.
I have developed a good sense of friendship with other business apprentices, and some have become my really good friends. We often arrange nights out where we all get together socially. It’s important to me to have friendships outside of work too, as it helps with my work/ life balance.
I’m most proud of getting on the apprenticeship as it attracts an enormous amount of people, and beating the competition to be sat here and telling part of my story. It’s also great knowing that good performance leads to recognition and awards and the potential to be offered a full time role the end of the apprenticeship.
My advice is to be open minded about everything, give it a go and push yourself out of your comfort zone; that is when you truly learn a lot about yourself and capabilities.


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