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At BAE Systems we celebrate the different experiences and ideas that a diverse workforce can bring. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference and have their voice heard. Some of our people share how their careers have made a difference in their own words.
Image - Jane - BAE Systems graduate


Manufacturing Graduate, Preston

"I knew I had made the right decision the first time I saw an aircraft take off from the runway. Knowing that I’d had a little bit to do with the making of that aircraft was hugely rewarding. "
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Image - Millie - BAE Systems apprentice


2nd Year Apprentice, Advanced Business, Air, Warton.

"I’ve always been more suited to hands-on experience. I decided university wasn’t the best route for me after completing my A levels and looked into other options. An apprenticeship was perfect for me."
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Image - Islam - BAE Systems apprentice


Business Administration Apprenticeship, Preston.

"I felt I settled in quickly considering this was my first job with a large company. Within a month I started working in my first placement and I knew I had made a good decision."
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Image of BAE Systems employee


Engineering Technician Apprentice, Naval Ships, Glasgow

"From a young age I was always interested in the defence industry and especially Warships."
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Image - Rishi - BAE Systems graduate


Graduate Systems Engineer, Electronic Systems, Rochester

"The idea that I will get to tackle the tasks that I have asked for gets me up in the morning and the responsibilities that I have been given keep me engaged."
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Image - Loretta - BAE Systems graduate


Graduate Commercial Officer, Maritime Services, Portsmouth

"Everyone is super- supportive. There is lots of coordination between the team and a shared responsibility to deliver."
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Image - Harriet - BAE Systems summer intern


Summer Intern, Human Resources, Maritime Submarines.

"In HR you interact with people spanning the whole business, from engineers, to the operations team, to site security."
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Image - Ross - BAE Systems graduate


Software Engineer, Yeovil

"Being acknowledged and valued makes me proud, along with knowing that each day can bring a fresh challenge and accomplishment, job security and financial stability. "
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Charlie M


Apprentice & Skills Training Manager

I've been involved in training over 1200 apprentices - BAE Systems is a unique place to do an apprenticeship. The history, the people, the training and support available is second to none.
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