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How to Apply

Applications will open from 1st November for apprenticeships starting with us in Autumn 2018.  Read all the information on this page then  from the 1st November 2017 click 'Apply Now' to take you to our online recruitment site.  Good luck. We’re waiting for you!


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How to apply

To apply for each of our apprenticeship schemes follow these simple steps:-
  •  Have a look at our current vacancies and identify the apprenticeship that’s right for you. Remember the exact title of the apprenticeship you are interested in – you could write it down.
  •  Read our FAQs – there may be something here that you hadn’t thought about.
  •  Go to 'Apply Now' which will take you into our online recruitment site in a new window.
  •  Find the apprenticeship you are interested in by using the exact title you wrote down.
  •  Complete and submit your online application form. Leave yourself plenty of time so you can complete it with care and attention.
  •  When asked to do so, complete online aptitude tests.
  •  If you are successful you will be asked to attend an interview or an assessment centre. You will be sent more information about that nearer the time.
  •  If you are not successful you will receive an email notification.
  •  The application window closed on 28th February 2018 with the exception of Aircraft Maintenance and Support at Humberside and the Land (UK) apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships - please refer to each role profile for details.
  •  Good Luck!


Frequently asked questions

  • Do you only recruit engineering apprentices?

    No, we have a wide range of opportunities available including business apprenticeships.

  • I’m not a UK National, can I still apply?

    Yes, we operate an equal opportunities policy and welcome applications from all job seekers. As a defence contractor though there are security obligations placed on the company meaning that all our applicants must be able to successfully achieve the relevant level of security clearance to join us. Unfortunately we are unable to sponsor Tier 2 visa applications for apprentice positions as they do not meet the minimum qualifying criteria for sponsorship requirements as laid out in the government guidelines.

  • Can I apply for more than one apprenticeship opportunity?

    Yes, we can accept one Advanced Apprenticeship and one Higher Apprenticeship application each recruitment cycle. 

  • What happens once I have submitted my application?

    Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email notification to confirm your application has been received. Your application will then be reviewed and if successful you will be invited to the next recruitment stage. Given the number of applications we receive, this process may take a few weeks so please be patient.

  • If I am unsuccessful can I apply again next year?

    Yes, you can apply next year.

  • Will the company support me to gain additional qualifications?

    Support for additional qualifications is available but have to align to our business requirements and your development needs.

  • Are you committed to corporate responsibility?

    Creating a successful and sustainable business requires more than financial results. The Company places great importance not just on what we do, but how we do it. Responsible business is embedded within our Strategy and is supported across the businesses via our Corporate Responsibility (CR) agenda.

  • What happens when I finish my apprenticeship?

    If you successfully complete your apprenticeship, we will support you to transition into a suitable role subject to the requirements of the business.

  • Can I apply if I have a degree?

    Applications may be rejected where the business considers an individual has already achieved qualifications of the same or higher level in equivalent disciplines to those provided by the apprentice scheme and that therefore the apprenticeship scheme would provide limited benefit for them.

  • When do you open and close for applications to the Apprentice Scheme?

    The application window closed on 28th February 2018 with the exception of Aircraft Maintenance and Support at Humberside and the Land (UK) apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships - please refer to each role profile for details.

  • How long is the selection process?

    The process consists of five stages, including an online application, aptitude testing, application review, competency interview or assessment centre, medical and security checks. Dependant on fulfilment of the requirements, the process can take until July/August to complete.

  • Will I be required to travel during the selection process?

    If you are invited to an interview, you will be required to travel to the area you have applied to in order for the interview to take place.

  • Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses?

    We are unable to reimburse travel expenses incurred during the selection process.

  • How long is an apprenticeship at BAE Systems?

    The length of the apprenticeship varies dependant on role and location however can be between 2 and 5 years. Please see individual role profiles for further information on programme length.

  • If successful, when would I start?

    If you are successful in your application, the start date may be between July and September, dependent on the role and business area you are recruited in to.

  • If successful, would I be able to receive help with relocating if I need to relocate?

    We are unable to assist with relocation in terms of financial assistance. Please think carefully about the area you are applying to and whether it is viable for you.

  • If I am unsuccessful, will this affect me if I apply next year?

    No, this will not affect you if you apply next year. Whatever stage you reach will provide you with experience of an application process which may assist you in the future.

  • Who can I contact if I have any questions?

    If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the Apprentice Recruitment Team on 01772 677277 or email

    Please note that we are able to discuss the application with the candidate only.