BAE Systems has been a trusted partner to the Sultanate of Oman’s Armed Forces for nearly 50 years and our ongoing commitment is to support the safety and security of the Sultanate by being Oman’s preferred partner in the provision, support and upgrade of defence platforms and cyber security services.

Our presence in the Sultanate of Oman is defined by our products currently in-service with the Armed Forces, including:
 - Typhoon and Hawk aircraft with the Royal Air Force of Oman
 - Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank with the Royal Army of Oman and
 - Khareef Class Frigates with the Royal Navy of Oman
This presence is underpinned by every BAE Systems employee who supports our products with passion, dedication and unwavering professionalism.


The Sultanate of Oman is a ‘hidden jewel at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula’. It is a vibrant country with a unique balance; retaining a strong connection to its history, whilst embracing modern living. The Omani people are warm and hospitable and possess a very unique charm that quickly captivates those who come to live and work in Oman.

Oman has a desert climate, and whilst the rest of the region has soaring temperatures in the summer months, you are able to escape the summer heat and visit the mountains in Dhofar and the Al Hajar range where you can enjoy cooler temperatures. In the cooler months between November and March, the climate is closer to that of a warm and sunny UK summer day.

Popular activities include hiking and camping, scuba diving, fishing, dolphin spotting and the rugged landscape with mountains, deep gorges and water-filled wadis mean there is something for everyone to enjoy.