Logistics & Operational Support

We provide end-to-end logistics services to a range of customers in the most demanding locations and conditions.
We provide end-to-end logistics services to a range of customers in the most demanding locations and conditions. This includes logistics consulting, related engineering services, technology integration and physical logistics operations that can be delivered through both traditional and performance-based contracting methods.

Logistics & Operational Support Products

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  • BAE Systems is developing the next generation of highly advanced cyber technologies for both defensive and offensive use by the defense industry and commercial companies.


    Cyber Technology R&D

    Cyber attacks are common today, but few know what to do about them. Our Cyber R&D unit develops and deploys Resilience in Depth™ solutions that adapt to defeat escalating attacks and expedite cyber weapon response.

  • AVATAR generated exceptionally realistic network personas for use in defensive cyber applications or testing of cyber techniques.


    Cyber Resilience Platform Intrusion Detection

    Aging "Defense in Depth" cyber security no longer works well against today's more targeted, zero-day cyber-attacks. Our Cyber Technology R&D unit's adaptive Resilience in Depth™ solutions model pursues, tracks, and kills threats.

  • Link 16 is a standardized military communications protocol providing tactical data links between U.S. and NATO friendly forces in air, sea, and land platforms for fast, secure data sharing in hostile environments.


    Link 16 Products

    In network-centric warfare, allied forces can exchange great quantities of accurate, reliable data in real time, for a tactical edge when engaging well-armed adversaries. Our Link 16 products provide that edge.

  • Combat Support Boat


    Combat Support Boat

    Load-carrying workboat punching above its weight

  • F-16 Automatic test Equipment


    Automatic test equipment for electronic systems

    Driving the future of automatic test equipment with flexible products and complete support solutions

  • Mission Computing Capability


    Mission Computing Capabilities

    BAE Systems provides affordable, industry-leading computing capacity, reliability, and availability in flexible, open architecture designs that are ruggedized for demanding military platforms.

  • Customer support, spares and repairs


    Customer support, spares and repairs

    Our highly skilled and multi-disciplined manufacturing workforce is equipped with the experience and capability to deliver customer support to the very highest standard.

  • Future radar image


    Radar UK

    Our rich radar heritage and vast experience, together with our constantly evolving technology and expertise, enable us to provide a world-class service. We provide and maintain cutting-edge radar capability, cost-effective solutions that have been proven time and again in extreme environments and harsh operational conditions.

    Product Family
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