Watching HMS Queen Elizabeth make her first entry into Portsmouth was a particularly special moment for me. I felt a huge sense of pride that a ship which has been built using the very best of British engineering had reached her home port. It was great to see so many members of the public attend such a historic event that’s not only for the city of Portsmouth, but the Royal Navy and the UK as a whole.
As a local boy, it’s also great to see so many large elements of HMS Queen Elizabeth manufactured in Portsmouth. What people possibly don’t realise is how this class of ship underpins the future of Portsmouth Naval Base. It is a huge milestone and one that I am very proud to be a part of.  
Since her arrival our teams have undertaken a significant amount of work including commissioning both aircraft lifts, setting to work the highly mechanised weapons handling system, completing both hangar doors and testing the fixed firefighting systems. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth entered her home port for the first time in August 2017.
A significant highlight for me has been the collaborative approach to delivering the programme. Colleagues from the ACA have come down to Portsmouth where they’ve been supported by teams from BAE Systems Maritime Services and the naval base. Everyone involved has pulled together to deliver the programme collectively. 
When working on the ship, the different overalls were the only way of recognising which business people represented, such was the culture of collaboration. It’s a great example of how industry, the Royal Navy and the MOD can work together to support a major project.  
HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently at sea for phase two of her sea trials, during which the mission systems on board will be tested. When she returns to Portsmouth, there will be further work to complete once she is back alongside Princess Royal Jetty. The key tasks will be to finish the aft aircraft lift and continue working on the fixed firefighting systems and her highly mechanised weapon handling system.

HMS Queen Elizabeth's commissioning ceremony will take place later this year.

Dean Kimber

Queen Elizabeth Class Output Management team leader