As WeAreTechWomen rightly says: ‘it’s no secret that the technology industry lacks female representation at all levels’. In fact, the latest stats indicate that less than one in five roles in technology are held by women.
The TechWomen100 Awards provides female technologists below director level with a platform to shine, and at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence we are thrilled to announce that four of our own talented colleagues have been recognised with an award in the 2022 cohort. I caught up with our four winners to find out why the awards mean so much to them.
Alex Hutchinson

Alex Hutchinson, Software Engineer

Why is it important to you to win a TechWomen 100 Award? 
“When I was at school, we had a lack of digital classes we could take. The only IT available to us was business based and was centred around creating “fake” business leaflets/websites etc. Back then, women were still a minority in these classes – and I would have given anything to see women in tech, as these awards celebrate. I want to be that woman a young girl can look up to and say they want to be like – to be that role model in tech that I didn’t have.”
What advice would you give to anyone considering a digital career?
“Believe in yourself even if others don’t. I had so many setbacks, and had a rough time during university where my course mates dropped me and I had to carry out work alone. But in the end it made me stronger, and I wouldn’t be where I am now. As well as women being less than 10% of the course – look at all the amazing women that have been nominated for the award. Make sure you are ready to learn and take on any opportunities that come your way, a willingness to learn is priceless.”
Read about Alex’s first hand experiences of the gender gap in her career to date, in her profile on the TechWomen100 Awards website
Lily Keisler

Lily Keisler, Central Government Business Capabilities Manager

Why is it important to you to win a TechWomen 100 Award?
“As someone who never saw themselves working in tech, it is a privilege to be recognised for my contribution in this area. This is still a heavily male-dominated industry and the TechWomen100 Awards are critical for highlighting role models who can help to pay it forwards to future generations of women in tech. These awards create a close-knit community of women supporting each other and using their positions and platform to showcase the successes of women in tech and their career paths. I have not had a conventional career thus far and I think this is something that is crucial for anyone to be able to see and understand – that everyone’s journey is different, and success does not mean the same thing for everyone.”
What advice would you give to anyone considering a digital career?
Your success is not limited by your imagination. Absorb the advice from others and seek out opportunities in all that you do. You may find yourself somewhere you never expected!
Find out more about Lily’s passion for using technology to solve complex problems in her profile on the TechWomen100 Awards website
Jessica Regan

Jessica Regan, Project Programme Portfolio Manager

Why is it important to you to win a TechWomen 100 Award?
“Sometimes we forget in our day to day jobs how novel we still are as women in highly technical industries, it’s getting better, but we’ve still got a long way to go to truly be on a level footing. Awards such as these are a fantastic way to highlight our achievements, encouraging us to take a step back and appreciate how far we as individuals and the industry has come. To stand among such highly accomplished women is an absolute privilege and I hope by sharing our stories we will inspire the next generation of women in technology.”
What advice would you give to anyone considering a digital career?
“It’s not your job to know everything. Ask questions as early as you can and be curious.”
Read more about Jessica’s journey – from soldering to space strategy – in her profile on the TechWomen100 Awards website 
Jessica Tolliday

Jessica Tolliday, Senior Consultant in Operational Analysis, TechModal 

Why is it important to you to win a TechWomen 100 Award?
“It was important to me to win the TechWomen100 award as a recognition of my hard work and determination within my career. I’m always strived to be a role model for those considering a career in tech and empower those around me. I do weekly volunteering with young women and have been really proud to show them this award and recognition.”
What advice would you give to anyone considering a digital career?
“Advice, I would say believe in yourself, there’s a role for everyone in a digital career and it’s a great environment to find what you love.”
Learn more about Jessica’s experiences using technology to make a difference to frontline operations, in her profile on the TechWomen100 Awards website

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