The contract for 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannons for the UK’s Scout and Warrior Capability Sustainment Programmes, will be the first time that this state-of-the-art munitions technology has gone into full production. The programme will see CTAI deliver a total of 515 Cased Telescoped Cannons over seven years, with the first cannons scheduled for delivery in mid-2016.

The revolutionary design provides a weapon that is both powerful and compact with low intrusion, allowing the munitions to be fired at high elevation and on the move. This capability will give the British Army increased flexibility to use their new vehicles in different theatres.
Steve Fogg, BAE Systems Munitions Managing Director and CTAI Board member said:

“Since the joint venture’s formation in 1994, our aim has been to develop world leading 40mm Cased Telescoped innovative technology as a global solution for Armoured Fighting and Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

“This contract, which signals the commencement of full production scale output of the 40mm cannon system, represents a significant milestone on this journey and when incorporated on the UK vehicles, will provide a step change in the fire power capability for the British Army.

“It is a very proud day for everyone involved and I look forward to this world class technology being incorporated into future vehicle programmes.”
The qualified cased telescoped ammunition for the UK MoD is also manufactured by BAE Systems Munitions at its Glascoed and Washington facilities in the UK. The next phase is the completion of the certification testing for the high explosive General Purpose Rounds: Point Detonation (GPR –PD) and Air-burst (GPR-AB).

Editor’s Notes:
The CTA International (CTAI) joint venture, based in Bourges, France was created in October 1994 between UK Royal Ordnance and French GIAT Industries and has matured into a successful Anglo-French cooperation.

The suite of ammunition developed in association with the weapon is designed to give increased effect against armoured vehicles, including some previous generation main battle tanks, defeat of reinforced concrete, buildings and soft targets and suppression of dispersed troops.

The current family of ammunition includes: Target Practise training rounds both for normal ranges and reduced ranges (TP-T, TPRR-T); Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) and high explosive rounds including point detonation and air-burst (GPR-PD, GPR-AB).

On 10 June 2014, CTA International announced that it had achieved qualification certification for the 40mm case telescoped cannon and the armoured piercing (APFSDS) and target practice (TP) rounds of ammunition from both the UK MoD and the French DGA.

The qualification process which has been applied, as mandated by both the UK and French Governments is an extensive and complex process of artificially and rapidly ageing the ammunition in order to verify safe and effective weapon system operation across a wide range of environmental conditions simulating the real life stresses applied to weapon and ammunition as it moves from the factory through storage to use in theatre.

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