E-Scan EAP

The three-year contract, named the E-Scan Extended Assessment Phase (EAP) will look specifically at the UK’s capability requirements for an E-Scan radar. The activity will inform the UK MOD’s procurement process, ahead of the award of a full scale development contract.

The EAP will consist of several work packages including a Typhoon flight test of a prototype UK E-Scan radar and ground testing at BAE System’s Electronic Warfare Test Facility at Warton, Lancashire.

Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Philip Dunne said: "I am pleased with the positive progress being made on the E-Scan radar development programme. Typhoon jets play a vital role in the protection of the UK, and we remain committed to enhancing Typhoon's capability to meet the needs of the RAF's Future Force 2020."

Nigel Whitehead, BAE Systems’ Group Managing Director added: “The EAP contract represents a significant step in the UK MOD’s commitment to the wider E- Scan programme. Having the ability to demonstrate the full potential of an E-Scan radar on the aircraft will also assist us in showcasing the full capability of the Typhoon to potential customers.”

The E-Scan Extended Assessment Phase is taking place in parallel with the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) NETMA Nations E-Scan development programme called Radar 1+. Under this programme an upgraded BAE Systems Typhoon development aircraft known as IPA5 has undergone a series of modifications as part of the ongoing E-Scan development and integration work.  The aircraft made its maiden flight out of Warton earlier this year and is on show outside our exhibition in the FIVE building at Farnborough International, 14 -20 July 2014.

Typhoon is already regarded as one of the world’s leading swing role combat aircraft and the addition of E-Scan radar will further enhance the platform’s capabilities and desirability in the export market.