Photo of the Digital Light Engine Head-Up Display

BAE Systems’ fully digital HUD, on display at Stand H10-B1, brings to the market form, fit, functional retrofit HUD to the T/FA-50 and F-16 fleet communities in Republic of South Korea.

Designed for mission effectiveness, the DLE HUD introduces a more advanced digital display solution, with no loss to brightness, which is also stable over the life span of the equipment. This new technology advancement addresses obsolescence issues and dependency on traditional HUDs powered by Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology.

With more military aircraft upgrade advancements to digital displays, the DLE HUD offers easy integration into existing HUD space. Factors attributing to the maintenance, life-cycle cost, weight reduction, increased reliability and performance of this new progressive display technology underscore BAE Systems’ world-class credentials in the HUD market as a significant investor and provider of future-proof platform technologies.

Mike Reader, Asia Pacific Programs Director for Communications and Control Solutions, BAE Systems said, “BAE Systems has gained a solid reputation for producing accurate HUD systems for over 40 years.  The new DLE HUD being exhibited for the first time this year at Seoul ADEX is cutting-edge, and will be able to offer its users a simple retrofit to their obsolete HUDs as well as significantly lowering life-cycle costs due to reduced maintenance and spares.”

BAE Systems is a world leader in HUD technology; over 14,000 of its systems are currently in operational service on more than 50 aircraft in more than 50 countries.  The company’s HUD systems are deployed in existing T/FA-50 and F-16 fleets for The Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) as well as for the international F-16 fleet community.

Visit BAE Systems’ partner stand at LIG NEX1: H10-B1 for a demonstration on its interactive Digital Light Engine HUD.