TWV640 Thermal Camera Core

Developed to inspire a new class of imaging systems, our TWV640 thermal camera core ─ the latest addition to our MicroIR® product family ─ sets a new standard in thermal imaging technology by delivering the first commercially available uncooled 12-micron pixel offering. Reducing the pixel size from 17 to 12 microns allows imaging system manufacturers to reduce lens size by 50 percent and decrease optics costs by 20 percent, without compromising image quality.

“As the first to deliver a 12-micron thermal camera core, we’re providing our customers a tremendous competitive advantage, helping  them drive down system costs while providing superior imagery typically associated with our MicroIR products,” said Christian Rodriguez, business development at BAE Systems. “Our TWV640 module empowers our customers to create and deliver a new generation of affordable, compact, thermal imaging systems for a broad range of applications.”

Further advancing the technology developed for the 17-micron MIR640 thermal camera core, the TWV640 module is optimized to provide affordable thermal imaging performance in a compact, low-power solution. Our TWV640 camera core captures images through fog, smoke, dust, and haze at 60Hz. The camera core’s high speed video capture allows users to observe dynamic environments revealing details that competitors’ 30Hz offerings miss, while also eliminating the disorientation that comes from using slower video.

Compatible with off-the-shelf lenses from leading optics providers and using standard interface protocols like USB, NTSC and CameraLink, the TWV640 module is a drop-in 640x480 thermal camera core designed for makers of commercial, civil and military thermal imaging solutions. It is well-suited for a wide range of thermal vision system applications including day/night security cameras, firefighting vision systems, process monitoring, handheld targeting systems, automotive cameras, and thermography systems.

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