HMS Dragon
The 60ft Clyde Challenger racing yacht was bound for the UK from the Azores in February this year when it was hit by a rogue wave, snapping its mast at deck level and leaving its crew stranded mid-Atlantic.
HMS Dragon and her crew reacted within minutes of receiving the call and diverted from their position to provide life-saving assistance, at maximum speed for 20 hours solid in challenging conditions to locate, and ultimately rescue all 14 members of the yacht’s crew.
Commenting on how those involved with the Type 45 programme contribute to the ships capability, Captain Wood said: “HMS Dragon’s ability to respond to this sort of contingent tasking in support of multi-national rescue efforts demonstrates the flexibility our world leading platforms and highly trained sailors can collectively bring to bear.  
“Supporting the complex T45 class of warships to ensure they are able to deliver such a wide range of tasking is certainly not easy; the wealth of shoreside support we receive in our base port of Portsmouth, in particular the enduring efforts of the T45 Class Output Management organisation and our industrial partner BAE Systems, was undoubtedly a key enabler to our success here.” 
He continued: “I’m delighted HMS Dragon was able to provide vital assistance on this occasion and rightfully proud of the collective efforts of my team and the wider Portsmouth Maritime Enterprise in rising to this challenge.”
Ed Sheldon, BAE Systems Head of Type 45 COM added: “The whole T45 COM team is very grateful for Captain Wood for giving his time to share his thoughts with us first-hand.
“Following her deployment, including the rescue of the crew of the Clyde Challenger yacht, HMS Dragon returned to Portsmouth to complete a period of scheduled maintenance, including embodiment of a number of upgrades through the Equipment Improvement Programme Plan, enhancing her capability even further.”   
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