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BAE Systems plays a key role in delivering major units and systems for the F-35 to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in the U.S. Keeping the aircraft maintained and serviceable is another focus area where the company has an ever increasing level of involvement. trilogi and trilgoiView will form key parts of the overall F-35 Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS).

trilogiView is part of the trilogi software toolset for generating, distributing, viewing and managing complex Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP). Once an issue is identified and the maintenance team has logged the issue into the ALIS maintenance management system, trilogiView will then link to the correct procedure needed to resolve it. trilogiView hosts the electronic flight and maintenance manuals, and without these manuals, pilots could not fly and maintenance personnel could not work on the F-35.

Paul Burke, Products Director from BAE Systems said ““F-35 is looking for innovative ways of using technology to ensure the aircraft is easy to maintain and trilogiView definitely offers this. The enterprise license agreement allows F-35 users to have an unlimited number of global operators using trilogiView, making a critical system accessible for those who need it. This contract is further proof that trilogi is a world-class software application and our customers’ commitment to purchase this type of agreement demonstrates their high regard for the product. trilogi is the IETP of choice for the UK MoD and is currently being used on over 40 military platforms around the globe.”

trilogi products are used today on a number of international air, sea and land platforms, including Eurofighter Typhoon, Type 45 Destroyer, and Terrier (Armoured Combat Engineer Vehicle)

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