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BAE Systems is now leveraging many of the same technologies used to develop armored vehicles for the military, to strengthen and protect critical public and private infrastructure, including buildings, bridges and pipelines.
As part of its new product offering, BAE Systems has signed an exclusive teaming agreement with Composite Technologies, a New York-based business with an established reputation in the critical infrastructure arena. Together, the two businesses have developed the Infratection Solutions™ line of infrastructure products and services, and defined their collective mission as protecting critical infrastructure, providing security, and saving lives.
“The threat of terrorism made our nation much more aware of our vulnerabilities, especially in regards to critical infrastructure,” said John Kelly, vice president of business winning at BAE Systems Land and Armaments. “While protecting crucial infrastructure is challenging, our Infratection Solutions business has developed unique and effective blast and impact resistant armor solutions specifically engineered to reinforce and strengthen key buildings, bridges and pipelines.”
Composite Technologies played a significant role in the birth and development of the Infratection Solutions’ product offerings. “While BAE Systems has significant expertise in developing blast resistant vehicles, Composite Technologies brings a vast knowledge of and proven experience in the design, research, testing and development of products for the infrastructure industry,” said Bill Higbie, President of Composite Technologies.
“Together, with Composite Technologies, we’ve developed armor solutions adaptable to numerous applications using technologies and materials previously reserved only for military applications,” added Kelly.
BAE Systems recently submitted a contract bid for a major, multi-million dollar infrastructure protection project in North America, which is one of several potential contracts that Infratection Solutions could begin work on in 2012.
For more information on Infratection Solutions’ products, including an animated video and brochure explaining more about the business, please visit:

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