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For several years BAE Systems Regional Aircraft has had Design Organisation Approval (DOA) allowing it to carry out design work for different aircraft types.

The latest development is that the business has now received Production Organisation Approval (POA) from EASA which allows it to manufacture/produce a range of non-OEM aircraft parts as well as the manufacture of specified appliances for third-party companies under the European Technical Standards Order (ETSO).

Under these extended POA approvals BAE Systems Regional Aircraft can manufacture non-OEM aircraft parts, components and assemblies in both metallic and composite materials including electrical loom assemblies. It also covers aircraft equipment and systems, including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, fuel, and powerplant, plus furnishings and safety equipment.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft is now also approved to manufacture/produce galley equipment, cargo pallets and containers, passenger and crew seats associated with an ETSO.

Jim McCulloch, Head of Compliance for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft said: “We can now support minor modifications/changes through our own Service Bulletins, while for major changes/modifications, such as mandatory avionics upgrades, we will provide this through a Supplemental Type Certificate.”

This extension to BAE Systems Regional Aircraft’s approvals means that the way is now open for the business to fully exploit its extensive engineering and supply chain expertise to win new business.

Graham Smith, Head of Business Development added: “We are in active dialogue with various parties on a range of different programmes covering equipment upgrades, replacement parts, minor and major changes/major modifications and supply chain solutions.

“While we are currently targeting mature mid-life aircraft such as the Boeing 737 Classic, the Airbus A320 family, the Bombardier CRJ700/900 series and the earlier Embraer E-Series, our capabilities apply to any aircraft”, he said.

Using its range of skills BAE Systems can identify the need for replacement parts for different aircraft types, design them or source them, arrange their manufacture, obtain certification and then support them through a variety of spares support programmes run by the business.

Under its extended ETSO approvals, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft can also work with emerging suppliers to help bring their products into the European and wider markets.

Graham Smith added:” The expertise we can now offer to new companies seeking to win business in Europe and further afield is that by using our airworthiness, technical and approval skills we can minimise the duplication of testing and analysis that would normally be required by new suppliers who do not have ETSO approvals. Once approved, we can then support the new product with a complete range of support services outside the supplier’s home market.”

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