Demonstrating further enhancement of Typhoon's air to surface role

Typhoon with Paveway IV weapon
Latest Paveway IV trials demonstrate enhanced air to surface capabilities for Typhoon.

Whilst working closely with Raytheon UK, we have completed a series of trials culminating in a successful release of Raytheon's Paveway IV precision guided bomb from a Typhoon, demonstrating further enhancement of Typhoon's air to surface role.

The trials demonstrated the latest Phase 1 Enhancements to the aircraft that enables the full capability of the Paveway IV to be utilised on Typhoon for the UK customer.  Typhoon is capable of operating with up to 6 Paveway IV weapons.

The Phase 1 Enhancement programme includes the integration of new weapons including Paveway IV and EGBU-16 alongside integrating a Laser Designator Pod (LDP) onto Tranche 2 aircraft of the partner nations. It will further strengthen the Eurofighter Typhoon's position as a multi-role fighter aircraft.

Raytheon's Paveway IV is a highly accurate, precision guided bomb capable of significantly minimising collateral damage.  It will provide Typhoon pilots with the very best technology for operations with its all-weather, day and night precision capability.