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All media briefings will take place in the FIVE Building (unless stated otherwise) from 11-13 July 2016.

Monday 11 July


12:30 Striker® II – The Journey

Presenters: Chris Colston, director of Business Development for Advanced Displays and Inceptor System, and Mark Bowman, Director of Flight Operations.
Hear about the latest developments of one of the world’s most advanced helmet-mounted display systems, including recent night trials and the introduction of colour.

Tuesday 12 July


09:30 Electronic Warfare Capabilities and Portfolio

Presenter: Jerry Wohletz, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Technology Solutions.
BAE Systems remains the world leader in electronic warfare (EW) while also developing the next generation of EW systems. This briefing will showcase the company's 60-year EW history and highlight current programmes, including work on the F-35, F-22 and F-15 aircraft.

10:30 Taranis Programme Update

Presenter: Martin Rowe-Willcocks, Head of Sales – Future Programmes & Services.
This briefing will give an overview of the programme covering progress to date, with references to how Taranis will help inform the Anglo-French Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS) programme.

10:45 Demonstration for journalists on Broadsword connected clothing

BAE Systems exhibition hall in FIVE building - Future Technology zone.

14:15 F-35 Lightning II Carrier Integration - Laying the foundations for the UK’s First of Class Flight Trials

Presenters: Pete ‘Wizzer’ Wilson, F-35 Lightning II Programme STOVL Lead Test Pilot, David Atkinson, F-35 Lightning II/ QEC Integration Lead and Mark Nurcombe, Aviation Safety Manager.
A focus on the work being carried out by BAE Systems to prepare for F-35 Lightning II operations from the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

Wednesday 13 July


09.30 Technologies for Future Military Aircraft

Presenters: Nick Colosimo, Strategy & Planning Executive, Technologist & Engineering fellow, BAE Systems and Professor Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow.
This briefing will show how chemistry and revolutionary forms of propulsion could produce the new types of manned and unmanned aircraft needed in the future.

10:30 Eurofighter Typhoon capability – Eurofighter Pavillion

Presenters: Paul Smith, Aircrew Advisor, BAE Systems, Leonardo-Finmeccanica pilot and Colin Bassnett – Business Development, MBDA.
An overview of the progress made on the considerable contracted programme of work underway on Typhoon’s ‘capability journey’.

11:00 Demonstration for journalists on Broadsword connected clothing

BAE Systems exhibition hall in FIVE building - Future Technology zone.

11.30 Delivering SABRE – a pioneering new class of engine

Presenter: Mark Thomas, Managing Director, Reaction Engines.
An update on the development of Reaction Engines’ SABRE: an advanced combined cycle air-breathing rocket engine capable of providing powered flight from standstill on the runway, up to speeds over five times the speed of sound in the atmosphere. SABRE can then transition to a rocket mode, allowing spaceflight at up to orbital velocity.

12:30 Advances in Autonomous Naval Technologies

Presenters: Stuart Eyles, Head of Autonomous Systems, BAE Systems, Mike Woods, Engineering Manager, BAE System and Alan Watson, Business Development Manager, BAE Systems.
A briefing focused on the potential operational benefits that could be derived from the use of unmanned naval systems, and BAE Systems’ role in the Royal Navy managed Unmanned Warrior trials scheduled for October 2016 in the Hebrides.

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