Bassem Al-Fassam, Director of Business Ethics

The newly appointed team will receive and examine all work-related ethical issues, in addition to observing and monitoring risk-related issues and escalating them, if necessary, to senior levels in the company. This new department is a further step by the company to build on its excellent reputation for ethical business conduct and continued commitment to providing the highest standards of performance.
The department will ensure the continued development of good business ethics throughout the company and will operate under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).The appointed team will monitor existing trends and report to the CEO as well as the ethical review board. It will also make recommendations regarding the company's business.
Bassem Al-Fassam, Director of Business Ethics and member of the committee for responsible behavior in the company, said: "BAE Systems Saudi Arabia founded this department to confirm their ownership and their deep interest in the culture of business ethics."
He added: "The Department is not there to be involved in administrative inspection; it is there to focus employees on awareness of business ethics and preventing the escalation of any moral issues."
Al-Fassam pointed out that the presence of such department is essential to the company as it will help determine the company’s ethical trends and allow it react in a timely manner.

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