ARLINGTON, Virginia – BAE Systems will provide the external communications and primary gun systems for the 10 U.S. Navy Independence variant Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) to be built by an Austal USA-led team. BAE Systems is a subcontractor to General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems for external communications and a supplier to General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products for the gun systems. The LCS fleet will be a new generation of high-speed Navy warships designed to carry out a range of operations in shallow waters close to shore.

Communications Systems: As an industry leader in systems development and integration, BAE Systems will design, install, integrate and test various communications systems for the 10 ships. These include radio and antenna systems, baseband switching systems and associated cabinets, and other types of specialized equipment and hardware.

The company will support the Austal-led team on this work as a subcontractor to General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. Earlier this year, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems was awarded a contract from Austal to be the Platform Systems Engineering Agent for the ships. Since 2004, BAE Systems has been a major partner with General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems for communications systems on the first two Littoral Combat Ships: the USS Independence (LCS 2) and Coronado (LCS 4).

“This is a great opportunity to continue our LCS partnership with General Dynamics,” said Richard Anderson, vice president and general manager of integrated technical solutions at BAE Systems. “These critical communications systems will support the U.S. Navy and its mission for years to come.”

This work will be conducted at BAE Systems’ facility in California, Maryland and at Austal USA in Mobile, Alabama.

Gun Systems: As the country’s leading producer of naval guns, BAE Systems will provide the 10 Austal LCS with 57-millimeter Mk 110 gun systems. The 57-mm gun provides the Navy with a new level of versatility against an ever-expanding range of threats, matching the multi-mission requirements of the LCS program. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems along with General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products will install and integrate the gun systems.

“By leveraging technologies from around the world, we’ve created the most advanced weapons system of its kind,” said Mike Smith, managing director of weapons programs for BAE Systems. “We look forward to being part of the dynamic LCS program and furnishing the ships with the absolute best in naval gun technology.”
The 6-mode 57-mm Mk 295 programmable, pre-fragmented and proximity-fused (3P) ammunition allows the system to perform against an aerial, surface or ground threat without requiring multiple round types. Sailors can switch from warning to live fire to engage a target in seconds, and the servo-controlled electro hydraulic gun laying subsystems provide robust endurance and extreme pointing accuracy, even in high sea-state conditions.

This work will be conducted at BAE Systems’ facilities in Louisville, Kentucky, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and in Karlskoga, Sweden. Production of the gun systems is expected to run through calendar year 2017.

BAE Systems announced in January that it will also build and install the primary gun systems on 10 Lockheed Martin-built Littoral Combat Ships.

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