KINGSPORT, Tennessee – The U.S. Army’s explosive IMX-101, developed by BAE Systems, has been named one of “The 50 Best Inventions of 2010” by TIME Magazine. The Army team at Picatinny Arsenal earlier this year approved IMX-101 as an effective replacement to TNT in artillery. That decision will revolutionize the way military ordnance is stored and transported, saving lives on and off the battlefield.

BAE Systems developed IMX-101 in partnership with the Army at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tennessee. BAE Systems manages and operates the Holston plant for the government, with a total of approximately 700 employees and subcontractors.

“One of BAE Systems’ core values promotes innovation, and the IMX-101 technology is innovation at its best. This transformational technology also reflects our core value to protect those who protect us,” said Dave Herr, president of BAE Systems Support Solutions.

IMX-101 is part of a new family of explosives under development called Insensitive Munitions eXplosives (IMX-). They are significantly more stable than conventional TNT and Composition B, making them safer for troops to transport and handle.

TNT, for example, typically behaves violently if subjected to an accidental stimulus, such as fire, and TNT-loaded munitions also are susceptible to enemy attack.

Conversely, the new generation of insensitive munitions are designed to sustain chemical stability when subjected to mechanical shocks, fire, and impact by shrapnel, while performing as intended, when needed.

The Army and the Marine Corps have approved IMX-101 as a TNT replacement in the new M795 155-millimeter artillery munition, whereas all future production of the M795 is planned with IMX-101. The Army also has deemed IMX-101 a suitable replacement for any large-caliber munitions requiring the energetic performance equivalent to TNT.

“The key ingredient to the development of IMX-101 is our strong partnership with our Army customer,” said Jerry Hammonds, vice president and general manager of Ordnance Systems at BAE Systems. “We are proud of the performance of IMX-101 because we understand its significance to the safety of our troops and their ability to accomplish their mission. Our professional team of research and development chemists and engineers, coupled with a highly skilled manufacturing workforce at Holston, will continue to provide energetics solutions for our military customers.”

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