Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) 2

BAE Systems is demonstrating its new Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) system at the 2010 Land Warfare Conference in Brisbane. Combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have helped shape the engineering of the ULW system to reflect the way modern troops fight.

Director Land & Integrated Systems Kim Scott said: “By delivering up to a 35 per cent weight savings, measured against comparable soldier equipment, we are confident this solution offers Australian soldiers a real and significant advantage.

"Any soldier will tell you ‘I need lighter, more comfortable and adaptable body armour.” Mr Scott said.

"With ULW, we are confident we have the solution. It's the most advanced soldier equipment system available today, delivering options to the armed forces to match the right level of protection adapted to each particular mission.

Mr Scott said that the experience of having produced over 2,500,000 items of modular load carriage and personal protection for the US military gave BAE Systems an unrivalled perspective on the needs of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The ULW system focuses on five key product areas, including helmet, vest/soft body armour, armour plates, load-carrying equipment and an integrated power supply.

“Each piece of equipment offers distinct features and benefits, such as a rechargeable, integrated power supply worn within the ballistic vest and a quick-release mechanism that provides faster actuation and easier assembly.

“But the real value lies in how the individual pieces work together for the soldier.

“This flexible, modular soldier equipment platform can be modified a number of ways and provides multiple mission-specific options. Its ergonomic design features new, lighter, advanced materials, providing greater comfort and mobility without sacrificing protection,” Mr Scott concluded.