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BAE Systems - A hub of British Industry

A new report produced by Oxford Economics, who provide economic forecasting and quantitative analysis for businesses and governments, outlines the economic impact of BAE Systems to the UK and the value added by its 33,000 UK based employees.

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Oxford Economic Report Link to (Id:1429026314726;Type:BAEMedia_C)

The report reveals the Company’s economic contribution in 2012 and outlines the scale of the direct and indirect impact to the UK’s GDP, employment data as well as tax revenues.

The report highlights include:

  • The UK turnover of BAE Systems  in 2012 was £8.2 billion
  • In 2012 the direct value added to the UK economy of BAE Systems was £3.5 billion
  • Employment in the UK in 2012 stood at 33,000 the majority (69%) of those employed were in highly skilled engineering and engineering-related roles
  • Our labour productivity is significantly higher than the UK national average  - 2.46 times the national average
  • BAE Systems generated £3.4 billion in exports in 2012 (around 1.14% of all UK exports)

The report helps to reinforce our position as a leading advanced manufacturer and the valuable contribution we make to the UK economy.