An integral part of the BAE Systems, Inc., pursuit of excellence strategy, is our commitment to small business utilization.  We recognize that small business partners contribute to our innovative processes, support of the war fighter, job creation and the overall economic health of United States economy.
BAE Systems, Inc. works diligently to identify and partner with small businesses, small disadvantaged, woman-owned, hub zone and veteran and service disabled veteran-owned small buinesses that bring value to our customers.  Additionally, we collaborate with AbilityOne Companies and Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutes, whenever possible.
We are proud of our award winning small business program. To ensure a continuum of identifying procurement requirements and development of small business partners, BAE Systems, Inc. utilizes as network of small business liaison officers, representatives and champions, throughout our enterprise.  These individuals attend outreach events; serve on committees and in leadership roles for organizations that advocate for small and diverse suppliers. 
By allocating valuable resources to the mission of these events and organizations, BAE Systems, Inc. further underscores its strategy of partnering with small businesses. Our commitment is supported through policy and executive leadership.  
It is through these efforts that BAE Systems, Inc. has been and will continue to be committed to its small business programs.
--Connie Tapia
Vice President, Procurement Chairman
BAE Systems, Inc. Small Business Working Group