We spend more than £10 billion a year with over 20,000 suppliers from across the world,  buying a wide range of major equipment, services, materials and components that  all contribute to our products and services  meeting the highest possible standards for our customers.
We require agile, reliable, innovative and high performing suppliers, who share our ethos of strong and resilient relationships at every level.
Our customers have extremely high expectations and requirements, which we and our supply chain need to meet. We are proud to work with a diverse range of companies both large and small, with increasing emphasis placed on close working partnerships and embracing collaborative thinking in reaching our goals.
When matching technological capability to our customer requirements, we recognise that a wealth of innovative thinking and knowledge can be found at every level of the supply chain and we want to maximise these skills and talents. Supplier relationships are important for BAE Systems, as we depend on them to help us deliver the products and systems our customers need on time.

Terms and Conditions Documents

2022 Standard Conditions of Purchase - Single column

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2022 Standard Conditions of Purchase - Double column

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