Superyacht Services

A substantial yachting investment needs to be maintained and serviced with the highest degree of expertise.
We have the location, capability and people to service the unique mechanical and engine needs of superyachts in Florida. BAE Systems stands out on every level for yacht upkeep!

No private yacht in the world is too large for BAE Systems.
The BAE Systems facility has been designed to service superyachts up to 120 meters.
  • Secure 81-acre facility
  • Floating dry dock: 13,500 light tons (13,717 metric tons)
  • Marine railway with side transfer systems for 4,000 lt (4,064 mt) and 1,000 lt (1,016 mt)
  • Pier and bulkhead repair berths totaling over 3,000 linear feet (942.14 m)
  • Covered workshops totaling more than 135,000 square feet (12,541.5 m2)
  • High standards of yard cleanliness, organization and safety

With our skilled workforce, we are able to handle the long-term or emergent jobs seven days a week to meet your vessel’s needs. Respected in the industry, trusted by owners and captains, BAE Systems has a proven record of performance that enables superyacht operators to meet their vessel’s high demand.

It’s our business to meet the service needs of your vessel.
Our North Florida facility includes environmentally-controlled indoor shops for machining, pipe repair, carpentry, sheet metal fabrication and insulation. We also have a self-contained, environmentally controlled blast and paint facility; a fully-automated steel surface preparation and coating facility; and a steel fabrication facility with numerically controlled plasma cutting system. We have a full range of modern plant facilities for repair and fabrication. Hull maintenance, engineering plant services and topside painting are our specialties.

We have the technical and managerial expertise to get the job done. We employ project management methods to plan, execute, monitor and control work on your vessel for on-time and on-budget project delivery. We operate at the highest degree of organization, cleanliness and efficiency. All are important factors in getting projects done on time and on budget.