Pulse news magazine

Volume 30, September 2020

Looking beyond the clouds

BAE Systems continues to innovate for those who move the world, while never losing sight of what our customers need today.

The future of flight

There is no doubt that the commercial aviation industry is having a challenging year. The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected the air transportation industry significantly. However, over the next two decades, the industry is projected to require more than 30,000 new aircraft and an eco-system that efficiently supports the in-service fleet. As we look ahead, BAE Systems intends to use its deep and discriminating expertise in high integrity controls and avionics to maintain its leadership position in its served market segments, supporting aircraft original equipment manufacturers and more than 600 airlines around the world.

BAE Systems provides digital engine controls that monitor, manage, and optimize engine performance in aircraft of all sizes, and in the harshest environments from the desert to the arctic. Our fly-by-wire flight controls govern the flight path of the aircraft, while making the flight smoother and safer. These are high integrity electronics, meaning they cannot fail, even under the most stressful conditions. To achieve this, we continue to refine our design practices to ensure our systems have a failure rate of less than one in a billion hours of operations. At the heart of these efforts are our employees.

“Our strength lies in our people, from how they design to how they build and support our products. The relationships that we have developed over time with our OEM customers is what keeps them coming back to us,” said Dr. Ehtisham Siddiqui, vice president and general manager of the Controls and Avionics Solutions business area. “Our teams are focused on how to support our OEM customers and the airlines in the face of today’s challenges, while developing the technologies and systems they will need five to ten years from now.”

Building on a forty-year legacy, we continue to make innovative leaps, from enhancing cyber resilience, to reducing size and weight while increasing functionality. We are also applying our expertise to emerging market segments, such as solutions for more electric aircraft, more affordable flight control systems, and unique cabin management solutions.

Our Customer Support and Services team is also raising the bar on aftermarket support with added offerings, such as asset management and power-by-the-hour contracts. Keeping our focus on the customer is essential to our culture, so working with our customers who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic to ensure their fleets stay airworthy has been a priority for us.

The commercial air industry is changing at a rapid pace. BAE Systems continues to innovate for those who move the world, while never losing sight of what our customers need today.

By Carrie Connors, Communications, Endicott, New York