Pulse news magazine

Volume 30, September 2020

Better together: A strategic acquisition and two aligning cultures

A recent orientation session welcomed more than 700 NSS employees to ES.

With the proposed acquisition of Collins Aerospace’s Military Global Positioning Systems business in January 2020, BAE Systems identified a forward-looking vision and opportunity to add unique Military GPS technologies to the company’s growing Electronic Systems portfolio.

Building on the rich narratives and legacies of both companies, BAE Systems’ vision came to fruition on July 31, with the completion of this exciting acquisition.

After considerable planning and teamwork with Collins Aerospace, BAE Systems’ ES sector welcomed more than 700 legacy Military GPS employees into the new Navigation & Sensor Systems product line within the Precision Strike & Sensor Solutions business area. “There is an electric feeling throughout the NSS business,” said Greg Wild, Navigation & Sensor Systems, product line director. “People realize that BAE Systems not only provides tremendous support for our legacy of military GPS market leadership, but also enables significant opportunities through new market channels and leveraging technologies across the ES business.”

With both companies appreciating each other’s heritage, there is excitement around aligning cultures, and how together, we will create and deliver critical new technologies to our customers. The integration continues to focus on inclusion and culture, helping to reinforce common themes between the two teams and presenting powerful evidence of shared values through the acquisition process.

“Not only do our technologies and products fit together perfectly, but I also continually see how well our cultures and overarching sense of mission align,” said Jason Casciotti, Navigation & Sensor Systems integration lead. “Whether it’s out in the field making it happen for the customer or helping one another after the storm, this team exemplifies what we stand for at BAE Systems.”

In addition to bringing teams together and welcoming new employees into the BAE Systems family, the new military GPS technologies will further empower Precision Strike products with the ability to locate, identify, and eliminate enemy targets. By leveraging next-generation sensor capabilities, the Precision Strike portfolio has seen global success within its sensors, precision guided weapons, and pilot vehicle interface displays market segments. With the business area prioritizing capabilities for near-peer contested environments, the breadth of NSS’ airborne, ground, and weapons military GPS anti-jam products will play a critical role within Precision Strike’s customer offerings and evolve their market leadership position.

“The dedication surrounding our NSS employees and the GPS technologies they deliver fit perfectly into our strategic model,” said John Watkins, vice president and general manager of Precision Strike & Sensor Solutions. “Customers want survivable delivery platforms to deliver precision strikes against near-peer threats in adverse environments and NSS provides the resilient solution. Bringing NSS into our portfolio increases our momentum and is the critical edge our customers need to counter the advancements of our adversaries around the globe.“

With two former Collins Aerospace facilities currently supporting the NSS product line in Iowa, the business has proposed planning to construct its own state-of-the-art facility in the greater Cedar Rapids area, with the goal of having all NSS employees under one roof with space for future expansion.

By Jacob Drouin, Communications, Nashua, New Hampshire