Pulse news magazine

Volume 29, June 2020

Roger that: Welcoming the MCC team

Electronic Systems and C4ISR Systems leaders meet with MCC leaders during a March 9 visit to the team’s new facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In late January, BAE Systems began its journey to acquire the former Raytheon Airborne Radios business, a leading provider of airborne tactical radio solutions that came to market as a result of the Raytheon and United Technologies Corporation merger. 

The merger concluded April 3, giving BAE Systems the opportunity to welcome the business – and its team of more than 100 highly talented employees – to the company’s Electronic Systems portfolio under the C4ISR Systems business area in early May. Now called Multiband Communications and Crypto Systems, the team is officially part of the BAE Systems family.

The MCC team designs, manufactures, and supplies mission-critical communication systems to a broad range of U.S. and allied nations’ rotary and fixed wing platforms, including Chinook, Black Hawk, and Apache helicopters, and C-130 and F-15 aircraft. It’s a responsibility they take to heart and a mission they’ve been serving for more than 40 years.

“Our products have been used to keep warfighters safe in every major conflict since the early days of Vietnam,” said Jeff Jones, MCC program director. According to Jones, one of the team’s proudest moments came when their radios were used to help the U.S. Navy during the May 2011 raid that brought down Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, amid the War on Terror.

Following the successful execution of the mission, several end users shared their appreciation with the MCC team for their unwavering dedication. “Some of the pilots told us that they had a huge degree of confidence they were not going to lose communication because of the reliability of our products,” said Jones. “Our radios were the link to their support and they were thankful to have a product they could trust their lives with.”

Members of the MCC team maintain social distancing and virtually interact with BAE Systems leaders during a welcome experience event on their first day at the company.

The team’s commitment to protect our service men and women is core to BAE Systems’ culture. For MCC, it comes from within. In fact, almost every team member has direct ties to the customer base we support, something Jones says drives not just what we do, but how we do it. “The job doesn’t stop when the clock goes off,” said Jones. “There’s a dedication to duty and a dedication to successful completion. We’re proud of that and it influences how we do business.”

While MCC reflects on its legacy, the team is also looking forward to being “part of the family” and making a difference at BAE Systems. “We’re excited to bring our skills and to leverage the skills of those around us to learn and share best practices,” said Jones. “In addition to our normal business, we’re looking for ways to add value and create new value.”

Dave Logan, vice president and general manager of C4ISR Systems, shares the team’s forward-thinking mindset. “MCC will become key members of the C4ISR Systems business area, bringing expertise in both radios and waveforms that will be synergistic with our current product offerings,” said Logan. “Our team is continually looking to enhance our support to our customers and partner with them to address their evolving mission needs. By joining together our talented teams, we can now access opportunities that were not viable for either organization to pursue alone.”

By Ali Flewelling, Communications, Hudson, New Hampshire