Pulse news magazine

Volume 28, February 2020

Turning up the HEAT in Endicott, NY

Learn about our Endicott, New York site's extraordinary contributions to our HEAT strategy, the community, and our company.

Each issue, we're spotlighting an Electronic Systems site for their contributions to our HEAT strategy, the community, and our company. This edition, learn more about our Endicott, New York campus.

Human Capital

  • Number of employees in Endicott: 1,409
  • Average length of service: 11.8 years
  • Number of programs: 17 Controls & Avionics Solutions and 2 Power & Propulsion Solutions Lifecycle Management programs
  • Longest serving employee: Clarence E. Washburn, Jr., a senior process engineer within CAS, who joined the company 47 years ago in April of 1973
Clarence E. Washburn Jr., Endicott's longest serving employee. Clarence E. Washburn Jr., Endicott’s longest serving employee.

External Focus

Did you know? Endicott is…

  • Home of the Spiedie sandwich (New York Times Spiedie recipe)
  • The birthplace of IBM
  • Home to the second oldest zoo in the country: Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton
  • The birthplace of Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone
  • The carousel capital of the World

Visiting the Endicott site?

Here are some activities in the area:

  • The Finger Lakes region, with gorges to hike, numerous wineries to tour, and the National Women's Rights Museum
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame in nearby Cooperstown
  • The Corning Museum of Glass
  • World-famous Dinosaur BBQ's original location in nearby Syracuse
  • Watkins Glen State Park for swimming, biking, hiking, and camping

Achieving Operational Excellence

The Endicott site has made significant strides in all aspects of AOE.

Ramping up to meet customer needs

Just two years ago, the Circuit Card Assembly area was producing 45,000 cards. Now, with an increase in PPS and CAS sales, the team met the challenge to build more than 80,000 cards in 2019 – a remarkable 44% increase.

"It wasn't easy," confessed James Winkleblack, strategic operations manager. "We implemented several new processes and tools to reach our goals." Ensuring product build schedules were met, they refined their manufacturing systems to prioritize the card assembly work based on top level demand. Safeguarding repeatability and reliability, and integrating new automated solder machines, wave soldering, and automated bonding equipment have reduced solder variability that would typically lead to higher number of defects.

Partnering with our supplier chain

The key to increasing product quality and our customers' confidence includes managing our suppliers' quality and assisting them in identifying defects and solutions. "We're taking a proactive approach and partnering with our suppliers to devise a customized Zero Defect Plan," says Supplier Partnerships Director Paul Diedrich. "We're discussing their challenges, giving a fresh perspective, and helping them develop a more process-based approach to their manufacturing."

Thus far, 21 suppliers have partnered with us to adopt the Zero Defect culture, which has resulted in improved quality and delivery performance.

Learn about our Endicott, New York site's extraordinary contributions to our HEAT strategy, the community, and our company.

Technology Disruption

  • High integrity flight-critical products enable planes around the world to take off or land safely every second of the day
  • Electric controls, energy, and power and propulsion technologies shape the future of flight
  • All-electric propulsion systems improve the range and efficiency of electric transit bus fleets
  • Innovative electrification solutions advance vehicle mobility, efficiency, and capability on land, in the water, and in the air

We're hiring in Endicott, New York! To view available opportunities, visit jobs.baesystems.com/endicott.