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Volume 27, November 2019
Electronic Systems Pulse highlights the ingenuity, expertise, and bold spirit of BAE Systems’ employees across the globe.
Pulse Volume 27 news magazine

Featured stories

As programs across the company experience accelerated production growth, teams around the globe are exploring new ways to manufacture product at ever-increasing speed.

Excellence in action

Teams across BAE Systems are implementing new solutions to meet 21st century needs as the company strives toward Achieving Operational Excellence.

Inside its walls, the sector is investing in the factory. Over the past several years, it has spent $100 million to expand and improve its capabilities on the floor.

The future of work: safe, clean manufacturing

The assembly lines of old are gone. Now automated machines and humans are working side by side to make goods faster and more reliable. This is what the future of work in America looks like, and it is in full bloom at BAE Systems.

BAE Systems is ready to revolutionize the air transit market with solutions for hybrid and all electric powered aircraft.

The new airborne commute

The era of hybrid and all electric aircraft is closer than your think. We're leveraging our battery management prowess and expertise in flight and engine controls to enable hybrid and all electric powered aircraft for urban and regional air transit. 

Employees greeting R.J. Gagnon after a flag-changing ceremony.

Their mission continues

Stories from our employee veterans on their time in the service, where they are today, and why operational excellence is critical.