Pulse news magazine

Volume 18, December 2016
Electronic Systems Pulse highlights the innovation of BAE Systems Electronic Systems sector’s employees across the globe.
Pulse Volume 18 news magazine

Featured stories

“When you’re working with a group of people you enjoy working with personally and professionally, you’re going to put your best foot forward.” ~ Somit Mathur, Engineering project technical lead

Finding inspiration everywhere

Inspired Work is more than a catch phrase.
The F-35 flight demonstrator is taken for a test drive during an event celebrating the 250th delivery of the Lightning II’s electronic warfare program.

The art of Electronic Warfare

After celebrating its 250th delivery, Electronic Systems’ F-35 Electronic Warfare program is facing a steady production ramp that will require every employee working together to deliver critical EW capability to the warfighter.
Engineer working in the Austin Business Center

The Austin advantage

The Austin Business Center is taking Electronic Systems to a new level of operational excellence.
Network image

Connecting the uniforms

XTS Guard 5 proves to safely and securely transfer information between government networks.