Pulse news magazine

Volume 17, September 2016
Electronic Systems Pulse highlights the innovation of BAE Systems Electronic Systems sector’s employees across the globe.
Pulse Volume 17 news magazine

Featured stories

A fighter jet pilot wears Electronic Systems’ Striker II ® helmet–mounted display.

Rochester's technicolor dream helmet

Striker® II hits the mark again at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow, as Electronic Systems’ Rochester, England, team unveiled the latest enhancement – high-resolution color capability.
An artist’s concept drawing of the Juno satellite orbiting Jupiter

Unlocking Jupiter's secrets

Employees, families and friends marvel at recent headlines of Juno reaching Jupiter. BAE Systems employees are at the heart of the mission.
Artist rendering of an electronic warfare attack scenario in a fifth-generation fighter jet.

Thwarting the threat

Electronic Systems engineers continue to develop the most-advanced EW capabilities to combat the threats of today and tomorrow.
Employees volunteer to remove invasive grasses and bushes in support of ES' annual Together! day.

Defense takes many forms

When does a BAE Systems site start to resemble a prairie versus a production factory?