Pulse news magazine

Volume 16, June 2016
Electronic Systems Pulse highlights the innovation of BAE Systems Electronic Systems sector’s employees across the globe.
Pulse Volume 16 news magazine

Featured stories

C-130J aircraft

Specialized airpower – anytime, anyplace

BAE Systems eyes the sole contractor position for the AC/MC-130J RFCM program.
F-35 Lightning II in flight

Taking off

A successful Milestone-C evaluation of the F-35 Lightning II’s electronic warfare capabilities will open the door for full-rate production.
An employee in Manassas prepares the KISS-103 selective soldering machine for production.

Protection from above

BAE Systems is responding to the United States’ need for more resiliency in space products.
Members of ES’ THAAD program team review two-color imagery data from a simulated target test of the missile seeker

Seeker success

As tensions rise in the Pacific Rim, Electronic Systems engineers work to enhance the missile seeker for an invaluable missile defense program known as THAAD.