BAE Systems moves the world more efficiently and effectively by advancing electric and hybrid solutions in buses, boats, heavy-duty trucks, and military vehicles. Below, see our range of clean energy solutions for the electric transportation vehicles and hybrid vehicles in your fleet.
At BAE Systems, we deliver innovative electric transportation solutions to move the world. With our expertise in power management and efficient propulsion, we’re advancing vehicle mobility with sustainable, high-performance electric solutions.
Today more than 15,000 of our electric-hybrid systems are operating around the globe, saving fuel and C02 emissions, while reducing operator maintenance. Depending on your business needs, we have an array of electrification options to consider, from electric vehicle accessories to zero emission propulsion using battery and hydrogen fuel cells for buses, trucks, and boats. Look to BAE Systems to continue inventing and bringing what’s next to your market.

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Red & White Fleet's Enhydra
Red & White Fleet has a vision to decrease our global footprint using zero-emission technology, the launch of the Enhydra is the first step.
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