BAE Systems designed the CV90 with a clear vision: to create a vehicle that provides high tactical and strategic mobility, air defense, anti-tank capability, high survivability and protection in any terrain or tactical environment.

The CV90 family of vehicles give unrivaled performance in the 20-35 tonne class and have been deployed by national forces, the UN and NATO in missions across the globe including in Afghanistan.

With more than 25 years’  experience  in enhancing and developing the CV90 family, we have maximised the availability and cost-efficiency of these vehicles throughout their lifecycle. Customer priorities and affordability are key with future proof designs leading to further advances

Designed for mobility

The CV90 platform is engineered to provide optimum mobility and agility. For ease of deployment it features a range of land and air transportation options. On the ground it delivers first-class performance even in the toughest terrains, providing your personnel with the tactical edge.

Flexible firepower

Every battlefield has a unique set of demands. With a full range of armament options, the CV90 can be developed or configured to match any situation, from patrol to combat.

Survivability first

Never compromise on survivability: this is the principle that leads the development of the CV90. For this reason its survivability equipment is the most advanced of its kind, anywhere in the world. Its high payload capacity enables a wide range of kit to be carried, from robust bolt-on solutions to active add-ons.

Working together

Our customers are our partners. We’re proud of our track record in industrial co- operation and offset, using a proven concept to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

To date the CV90 has been delivered to five export countries. Our technology transfer agreements provide our customers with economic benefits alongside robust, future-proof combat solutions.

Through-life commitment

BAE Systems offers a complete through-life support commitment to CV90 customers.

Our experienced teams at Military & Technical Services work from the earliest stage of specification all the way through to phase-out, ensuring your systems provide maximum effectiveness throughout operational life.

Control the battlefield

Making battle-winning decisions depends on rapid access to clear, accurate information.

The CV90’s C4I capability provides the crew with decision superiority, enabling your forces to stay one step ahead of the enemy. With advanced, scalable electronic architecture, the system meets EMC standards and allows straightforward integration of third-party and legacy systems.


In high-tempo combat situations, crew and vehicle must act as one. The CV90 is designed with this in mind.

Human capabilities, characteristics and limitations are all analyzed and accounted for in the development of the system. Its advanced Human Machine Interfaces and ergonomics make the vehicle’s operation as easy and efficient as possible.

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CV90 Facts

CV90MkIV Introduction

The CV90MkIV. Supreme mobilty, exceptional protection, and outstanding lethality.

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