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Technical services that take advantage of modern digital and data capabilities whilst ensuring both historical and opportunistic infrastructure investments add value.
Digital transformation is not about processes. It’s about its results. It’s about the positive impact on society. It’s about using the right data in the right way at the right time to make a difference.
To do this, organisations are looking to artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and autonomous systems to transform their operations and bottom line. But there needs to be far more questioning of what organisations are trying to achieve, and why. This is because technology delivery alone rarely achieves the desired results.

That’s why the concept of user-centric and consultative design is so essential in giving digital transformation programmes strong foundations, helping it remain true to its aims and creating an enterprise-wide ecosystem that maximises agility. And it’s where Agile delivery and ways-of-working aligned to GDS standards become applicable.


BAE Systems can help

Transformation Services

Our insights, combined with deep experience of both planning and delivery, ensure our clients can move clear of legacy frustrations and towards a transformed technology portfolio, one which unlocks the value hidden in established IT systems and deploys digital platforms fit for the future. So we ensure you don’t just have the architecture and tools, but also the right behaviour and culture to effectively make the most from it.


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