TOD®- Thermal on Demand®

TOD®- Thermal on Demand®
BAE Systems’ TOD technology provides hands-free thermal capabilities, giving users their hands back.


BAE Systems’ Thermal On Demand (TOD) capability provides structural firefighters and tactical law enforcement with hands-free thermal imaging with a see-through display. The system enables users to navigate through harsh environments while conducting search and rescue, attack, and other tactical operations.

Features Benefits
Hands-free Enables the user to perform hands-on missions
Lightweight and small form factor Reduces physical stress
High resolution thermal imager Superior image for enhanced mobility
See-through display Displays image without obscuring user's view
Modular design Easily adapted to multiple applications
SCBA Accessory Easily removed or transferred to another user
Is there any smoke in here?

FDNY firefighter



With more than a decade of experience developing IR thermal products for a variety of defense and commercial applications, BAE Systems delivers innovative and reliable imaging solutions. The company has leveraged this expertise in the development of the TOD technology.

The TOD hands-free thermal imager has been successfully demonstrated with several fire departments across the country. A U.S. Department of Homeland Security sponsored test and evaluation is currently underway.