Stores System Tester (SST) – Armament Test System

Stores System Tester (SST) – Armament Test System
The Stores System Tester (SST) is a ruggedized flight line armament test system that enables real-time diagnostic analysis.

U.S forces need to perform alternate mission equipment (AME) troubleshooting and diagnostic analysis on the flight line. BAE Systems’ SST provides this capability in a one-person portable package.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Open architecture allows for easy configuration changes based on new weapons systems
  • Common tester usable on any aircraft; requiring only software and cable modifications
  • Modular commercial off-the-shelf design
  • Ultra mobile PC remote control unit
  • Simplified user interface
  • Time-stamped test results include operational flight profile identification and AME part and serial numbers to establish maintenance accountability

BAE Systems has more than twenty years of flight line testing experience. For more information about the SST armament test system, please download the datasheet.