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Resilient communications across all orbital regimes-from space to ground.

Secure Enterprise Communications

Secure Enterprise Communications
Next-generation laser communications delivering transformational mission performance
Optical Gimbal

The rapid evolution of data gathering is critical as we transmit information across all orbital regimes. There is a greater demand for moving information securely at high speeds, and heavily-regulated radio frequency links are stressed beyond capacity, with large beams that are easily jammed and intercepted.

From cross-links, to up/down links, to deep space relays, free space laser communications provide multi-gigabit per second data transfers that are significantly more robust against unwanted interference. This innovative technology will enable advancements in space exploration.

Through the transmission of high-resolution images and data from outer space and earth, we have the ability to study other planets in the same technicality we currently study our own. With this received intelligence, we will be able to create a virtual presence in the solar system, and in turn support interplanetary storm tracking and in-depth environment analysis. In particular, the speed available through laser-based communications will enable the study of a live feed of the Mars surface while utilizing less space and power than traditional radio frequency communications.

Space modernization and exploration is available today, through our resilient and secure enterprise communications.

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Space Systems

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