Rapid Integration, Validation, and Engineering Technologies (RIVETS)

Providing rapid integration of third-party software, sensors, and subsystems.

Quick-reaction programs that innovate capabilities for rapid deployment to the warfighter pose big challenges to software systems development. The process is dramatically more effective and efficient with BAE Systems’ unique technologies that reduce schedule and cost, while maximizing quality and productivity of complex quick-reaction systems development.

The Rapid Integration, Validation, and Engineering Technologies (RIVETs) are a set of integration technology tools that BAE Systems has advanced since 2005. This living code base encompasses all past and current lessons learned in developing applications in larger systems, and integrating complex systems.

RIVETs’ development, and associated methodologies, have been pivotal in transitioning BAE Systems’ Multi-INT processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) technologies to both experimental and forward-deployed systems.